Tesla Model S Front Bumper Facelift Refresh

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The 2012-2016 Model S Front Bumper Facelift Refresh is designed to replace the front-end of your vehicle with an updated front bumper design that looks similar to current May 2016+ Model S. In other words, if you have a Model S that was manufactured with an older style looking bumper, our bumper will make the front end of your Model S look similar to the new Model S produced from May 2016 onwards.

Our Model S Front Bumper Facelift Refresh will be compatible with all of your current Model S bumper hardware. This means you will transfer over the original Tesla emblem, parking sensors, fog lights and adjacent chrome trim, lower center grille and autopilot sensor.

Our Tesla Model S Front Bumper Facelift Refresh is made to factory quality and standards. It is as strong and reliable as original equipment. Each front bumper replacement is made with OEM grade polyurethane and requires professional prep, paint and installation by a qualified auto body shop. We will include a new chrome accent trim with every Front Bumper Facelift Refresh.

Manufactured in a CAPA certifie facility.

Disclaimer: From the inception of the Model S in 2012 all the way to the facelift refresh in mid-2016, the Model S had a large variation in panel gaps. In other words, no two Model S were assembled the same with regards to panel gaps.


After interviewing Tesla Service Technicians, Tesla Authorized Body Shops and taking over 100+ Model S apart ourselves, we can confidently say that our front bumper is within Tesla panel gap tolerance of ~10mm.

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